Shocka Hustlemane Biography | Age, Music and Personal Life

Shocka Hustlemane Biography

Shocka Hustlemane is an American rapper and songwriter based in East Tennessee. He is famous for his unique flow, which incorporates his heavy Tennessee accent. Unlike your average rapper, Shocka usually isn’t into all the fake flexing and capping that is so prevalent in the rap industry but rather raps about his real life, which is nothing short of an adventure.

Full Name Shocka Hustleman
Age 25 to 30 years old
Birthday N/A
Nationality American
Home State Tennessee
Political Party The Republican Party
Occupation Rapper and songwriter
Wife Not married
Net Worth $1 million (estimate)


Carrying a deep pride for his country, Shocka defines himself as the epitome of all that America is about. During a video with famous YouTuber Tommy G, he took his fans on a ride of their lives, showing just how fun life is in Appalachia. Hustlemane’s life is nothing short of an adventure, as he is usually recorded riding quad bikes and large trucks and brandishing huge guns, which he claims they use for protection and recreational activities such as hunting and target practice.

Throughout his Instagram page, it is evident that Shocka lives a rather adventurous life and is even part of a hometown ‘gang’ under the name, ‘Diesel D!cks’. Together with his friends, they ride their trucks, dirt bikes, and quad bikes around Appalachia and are more than often always turned up.

Due to his unique style and repping his home state, he has managed to amass a sort of cult following of very loyal fans who are always waiting for his next drop. The support he gets from Tennessee natives is clearly evident in his most streamed song on Spotify, “Tennessee Tough”, which is kind of a homage to the people of Tennessee. He currently boasts over 5,000 monthly streams on Spotify and also has over 9.1K subscribers on YouTube in addition to amassing over 528,000 views in total on the platform.

Personal Life

Shocka was born and raised in East Tennessee and is a very proud Appalachian native. He has, however managed to keep information about his love life under wraps and has not indicated whether or not he is married or in a relationship at the moment.

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