Yulia Niko (DJ) Biography, Wiki, Age and Net Worth

Yulia Niko Biography

Yulia Snoz, widely recognized by her stage name Yulia Niko, stands out as a highly acclaimed recording artist and prolific songwriter. Hailing from Germany, Yulia has swiftly ascended to a position of prominence with her multifaceted musical style. Her impact extends not only within the music industry but also resonates significantly with her listeners.

Yulia Niko Career Insight

Her enthusiasm for electronic music began during her teenage years. From the age of 15 onwards, Yulia wholeheartedly committed herself to the world of music. In her early twenties, she relocated to New York with the intention of pursuing production studies, following a significant period of her youth spent DJing and curating her music collection.

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Following the attainment of her law degree, she made the choice to establish her residence in Brooklyn, dedicating a span of four years to the refinement of her production skills. Subsequent to her music production education, Yulia initiated a worldwide expedition, venturing to diverse regions of the globe to display her artistic aptitude. She illuminated the stages of internationally acclaimed and influential clubs and festivals, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.

Under the guidance of esteemed underground artists and DJs from New York, she honed her music production approach. Through their mentorship, Yulia’s distinct style was refined. Across her journey, Yulia’s prowess in Techno electronic music and her captivating DJ performances have left a notable imprint on the music industry, drawing in a considerably broader audience.

Yulia Niko Age

The exact age of Yulia Niko is not publicly disclosed; however, she is thought to fall within the range of 25 to 35 years, a period that finds her firmly situated at the peak of her musical odyssey.

Yulia Niko Height and Appearance

Standing gracefully at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, she embraces a curvaceous yet slender physique. Her refined appearance is accentuated by her exquisite long blonde hair and deep brown eyes, enhancing her mesmerizing aura when she takes the stage.

Full Name Yulia Snoz Niko
Age 25 to 35 years old
Birthday Undisclosed
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Occupation DJ, music producer
Nationality German
Genre Pop, EDM, Techno and House
Instagram Stacie Wood
Net Worth $1 million

Yulia Niko YouTube

Yulia became a part of the platform on May 6, 2015. For a period, her account lay dormant without any postings. After a span of several years, she reappeared, sharing her inaugural meditation mix titled “Manifestation of Love” on April 9, 2020. This debut upload garnered a commendable total of 5641 views.

In spite of the initial quietude, Yulia persevered and continued to enrich her channel. This consistent effort led to the gradual expansion of her platform, capturing the attention of a growing audience. Presently, her YouTube account boasts a collection of 28 videos. This endeavor has garnered her 641 subscribers and an impressive cumulative view count of 45,296. Yulia’s journey on the platform is a testament to her persistence and the resonance of her creative offerings.

Yulia Niko Net Worth

Accumulating substantial achievements over the course of her career, Yulia Niko’s endeavors have culminated in an estimated net worth of approximately $300,000 as of August 2023. In spite of her increasing financial prosperity, she retains a down-to-earth demeanor and humble outlook. Her primary emphasis remains on nurturing her musical passion and uplifting those around her.

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